Tuesday, 8 September 2015


So obviously I've been away for some time and well I'm planning on posting more regularly again. Still have 4 more reviews ready to be written and well, I guess I'll start doing that soon! So what has happened meanwhile? I've been on holiday with my parents to Belgium and I've finally seen Mumford & Sons live in July, honestly the best concert I've ever seen. Other than that I've been playing a shitload of World of Warcraft as usual and well, that kinda took up all my time. Right now I've finally started my new study Media & Culture which kinda takes up a lot of time but it also gives me the opportunity to watch a shitload of TV shows when traveling to my school ;D. I'm very excited to finally do what I like most :).
Something sad has happened as well, on the 29th of August I had to put my dog to sleep, probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. I know it was for the best though, she had all kinds of issues at the end and her body just gave up at the end. She had an amazing long life and 12 years for a German Shepard is not bad at all :). Found a link with some adorable pictures of her so click here if you'd like to see :). Rest in peace my best friend.

Other than that I'll soon be back with posting some new reviews ;D cya!

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