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Review: Lost [Season 6]

Season 6
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Drama, TV Show, Mystery


Finally, the last season! And boy, am I glad that it's finally over. It's such a shame what the creators did to this show. The first season was brilliant, the second was good too, the third was not too bad and the fourth was acceptable. Everything after 3 is basically unnecessary and just created for a bit of money. 

Season 5 was weird with all the time traveling, but well, season 6 is, if possible, even weirder. They started with showing the same plane, with everybody in it. But after a bit of turbulence, the plane did not crash! Well, what's happening this time, you're wondering. In season 6 they decided to start showing "Flash-sideways", this means that they start showing things of 'how it COULD have been if the plane didn't crash'. Well, one way to fill up a season. 

I think they were getting pretty uninspired at this point, because after one or two episodes we see Jack coming home from the airport and stuff, but then suddenly, he has a son! 
The thing is, Jack does not have a son. I find it very interesting that he was able to get a 14 (?) year old son in those few minutes since the turbulence. Oh, and in the end of this season he is being told that he does not have a son, and Jack just accepts this immediately. Yet everybody sees this kid named David. 

This is not all, every character gets their flash-sideways, and each one of them has a story that doesn't fit with their previous stories. This is very weird it self, but in the very ending of this season all the stories come together and they all meet and when they touch each other they get "flash-backs to their times on the island". But, this is when the plane never crashed? How could these flash-backs even happen?
There's a reason for that too! Well, basically they are all dead, and none of everything in the flash-sideways ever happened. VERY FUCKING USEFUL, why did I just watch 17 episodes of things that were not even real?! 

In the last episode of season 6, The End, the island is breaking apart because of John Locke (remember, he was dead, but also wasn't, but also is) and then he gets killed again, Jack is saving everybody (again) and everyone still alive (Frank Lapidus, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Richard) is getting in the plane to home. This was a very happy ending and it looked okay, until the moment that I described before this happened (the part where everyone died). So, did the plane crash again? Well, we don't know this. Because the last thing we see is Jack dying, what happened with Hurley, Desmond or anyone in the plane is never revealed.  (Or if you want to feel miserable, you can think that everyone did indeed die).

Well, like I mentioned in my previous review, there was this Jacob story on this season. Jacob is some guardian of the island or something and he gives tasks to everybody. But then he dies and he needs to find a new guardian. Very uninteresting. 
Another thing with Jacob is the Man-in-Black, a.k.a. Jacob's brother a.k.a. "The Monster". Yes, the monster was/is a person. He became this monster because he went in a cave that gave light. But when Desmond went to the cave the broke down the island and when Jack went in the cave he saved the island because he held his hand underwater. This is a very weird cave as you can imagine. Anyway, this monster also has the ability to get in a body of a deceased person, so he becomes them. 
And this is how the John Locke (dead/not dead) story is explained! It was the monster all this time! And now John Locke is killing everyone on the island, being the cloud he is, and someone needs to stop him. 
Again, a black cloud does not seem very threatening. 

So, about Lost in general. I think that the idea is very good and interesting. Survivors of a plane crash are on a mysterious deserted island. What I would have liked to see more was the helplessness of them. They never looked starved or anything, and looking to Hurley, they never were starved. Sure, the other season there was plenty of food, but the first not. Still, I forgive them. Finding other survivors is a good twist and a good point to expand on. But everything else was just so useless. It was almost as if it had nothing to do with these survivors of the plane crash anymore. They never looked deserted, they were always busy with other problems, stupid problems. And then this "monster", they could have created King Kong, Dinosaurs, Godzilla or name it, and they come up with a fake looking black cloud with some thunder in it. I'm sorry but that's just hilarious.

I'm glad that I've finished watching everything. Six season were quite a lot and it seems even longer when half of it sucks. I would love to watch season 1 till 3 again when I feel like it, but I doubt I will ever see season 4 till 6 again. Maybe to understand things better, I don't know. It will take some time though.
Please, just stop watching after season 3.

My personal rate: 5/10
Lost overall: 7,5/10

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