Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review: Lost [Season 5]

Season 5
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Drama, TV Show, Mystery

Expect a lot of spoilers!

Time for season 5! I think that season 5 and 6 were the least interesting seasons, they were weird, un-logical and very random. I actually just finished watching season 6, so I've finally finished watching everything. I think I'll write a huge review about season six because I feel like many things were too weird, too random, too many things left unexplained and mainly, a lot of weird useless stuff happened, so enough to talk about! But, until that moment we can still talk about season 5, another season with enough weirdness to talk about.

So, at the ending of season 4, Ben moved the island so Widmore couldn't find the island. As a result of that, the island skipped through time. Yes, you read that right, a time-traveling island!
So the first bothering thing is, why does Widmore wants to find this island? And what if he finds it? Well, he wants to kill Ben (who doesn't?), and... that's it. I don't think it was ever completely explained why he wanted to kill Ben. Anyway, I don't care a whole lot about Ben, I think he's an annoying character and I don't get why nobody killed him yet.

The main thing about season 5 is, like I already said, a time traveling island. Well, how does that work? I have no idea. Ben flipped a switch and suddenly the island moved and it travels through time. If you move the island to let's say 1975, it's impossible that the island moved more than a few centimeters in all those years. So the whole connection of time traveling and moving the island is completely weird to me. So, when the time traveling begins we see all those people going through a lot of years, 1975, 1977, 2004, a long time after 2004 and a long time before 1975. We see a young Benjamin Linus, Rousseau arriving to the island, Rousseau going crazy, a young Widmore etc.
It's all a bit too much and a bit too overdone. At one point you completely forget what Lost was about, some travelers that had an accident and got on this island, it's almost nowhere to be found anymore with all this nonsense going on.

Well, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun and Sayid did return to America at one point, so in their case it is still about rescuing, but even when they're in America they decide they want to return, "because that's their purpose". This is all being shown in flash-forwards at first and after a while it's getting a bit weird and confusing because at one point this flash-forward becomes the present, so they suddenly skip three years in their present story.

Oh, and John Locke also died this season, but actually he didn't, but also he did. Another confusing story that's explained in season 6. This also has something to do with that guy Jacob and well, I have no idea anymore what is what and who is who, it's very confusing to be honest.

What I dislike most about time-traveling themes is the fact that things never fit. So basically, they lived in the present, went back to 1977 and changed things. This changing must give some sort of aftereffect to the present. But it can also be as if the things happened in 1977 already happened back then, then there is the present, and then it's 1977 again. Which means that the things in 1977 actually did happen back then and can't have an aftereffect anymore to the present. To me it's just one blurry cycle, which can't ever be right, I think.

There are also a few new characters in this season, but to be honest, I'm just getting tired of discussing all these useless characters. At one point I thought that Ilana was important to the story, but then she suddenly blows up in season 6 so well, not very useful. She had something to do with this guy Jacob, the protector of the island, but I will discuss that in my next review since there's a lot revolving around him in the next season. Richard also gets a bigger role and surprise, surprise! This guy can't age. How fucking original.

I'm not going to discuss the episodes that I liked or did not liked because it's very simple, they basically all sucked. It was more the fact that I wanted to finished every Lost season that I watched everything, but it was definitely not because of the good story. The only episodes that I liked were The Incident part 1 and 2, that's about it.

Honestly, I don't get why they continued making this show. Even when you want to keep continuing making this show just keep it simple. I really liked the first two seasons, the third one wasn't bad either and the fourth one was decent. But after season 4? Terrible, uncreative and very uninspired.

My personal rate: 5/10

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