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Review: The 4400 [Season 4]

The 4400
Season 4
IMDB rate: 7,3
Genre: TV Show, Supernatural, Science-Fiction

Unfortunately there came an end to The 4400 before it was even finished, which also means that this will be my last The 4400 review, since there's nothing left to watch!
Season 4 was a very good season, perhaps just as good season 1. It has some very strong episodes, especially in the beginning. 
Originally there was planned a fifth season after this one, but they suddenly canceled the show. Normally it would leave you with an unsatisfied feeling because there are some things left unexplained. But for me it was a good ending. Sure, there are still some things left unexplained, but none of these things are that important that it needed another season. I quite liked the ending because it was very touching.

Season 4 contains 13 episodes. And with each episode there's quite some big development. Of course, there are always some episodes that are not as good as the rest of the season. But I thought that this season contained more good episodes than season 2 and 3.


Season 4, episode 1: The Wrath of Graham
Shawn is still in a coma, and this time it's Kyle sitting next to his bed. What can he do to wake Shawn up from his coma? Then he injects Shawn with Promicin, and Shawn wakes up from his coma. This was a very touching moment because the roles are reversed this time. Also, Isabelle doesn't have any abilities anymore which makes her a much more likable person. She's the innocent Isabelle again, the one she was when she just grew up. You also find out Jordan's ability. This is something that I was quite curious about because everyone received abilities except him. Apparently he has the ability to take other abilities away, quite cool huh?

Season 4, episode 2: Fear Itself
This was quite a cool episode because there was someone with the ability to make nightmares come true, result: Creepy ass clowns. It's nice seeing a bit of scary elements in this TV show. 

Season 4, episode 3: Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
Another cool episode. A human that can send a younger version of herself anywhere, how cool is that? Well, it was quite cool until she was murdered while using her ability. This means that her 'projection' is still on earth as a ghost. This causes some very scary moments when Audrey's trying to interact. After a while you find out that she's leading them to their killer, very cool.

Season 4, episode 4: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
Not a bad episode, but not a very good one either. It was not very interesting. There were some funny moments when April used her ability to make people speak the truth but that's about it.

Season 4, episode 5: Try the Pie
Very interesting episode. There's a town filled with Promicin Positive people and they all have abilities. This town has a very scary feeling over it, but also a very good feeling because they are all happily living together. The things that happen out of this town were not very interesting this episode.

Season 4, episode 6: The Marked
I really loved this episode because it involved a lot of movie-making in it. There were a lot of references  to familiar horror movies so that was kinda cool. The episode introduced another confusing element, I get that they need to refresh the story once in a while, but don't start making it confusing because that makes things quite difficult. Other than that, good episode.

Season 4, episode 7: Till We Have Built Jerusalem
Not a very interesting episodes. There were some important happenings but none of them made it an excellent episode. It was worth a watch though.

Season 4, episode 8: No Exit
Very good episode. It's sometimes nice to see an episode that differs a lot from the usual story. It had an excellent message to both sides: Stop fighting.

Season 4, episode 9: Daddy's Little Girl
I thought this was a brilliant episode. Richard never saw Isabelle grew up because she aged from a baby to an adult in one day. So he gave her some drink which makes her age backwards. It very cute to see her age backwards. It was a very touching episode.

Season 4, episode 10: One of Us
It was a good episode, but also a confusing one. This is mainly because you see that the people from the future implant a baby in Lily's uterus, which will later turn out to be Isabelle. I really don't get the use for creating all these 4400's and afterwards create a baby that will destroy them all again. Terribly confusing. What was good about this episode was the fact that Richard had Lily in his life again. It was adorable to see, and again very touching. Unfortunately it was only for a short time because it appeared that a Promicin-positive caused a sort of 'fake Lily'.

Season 4, episode 11: Ghost in the Machine
It was not very nice to see a different Tom, he was really mean in this episode. Also, it's not very cool that Isabelle has her powers back, but I like that she uses them a lot better this time. Decent episode.

Season 4, episode 12: Tiny Machines
Not a very interesting episode. The happenings were kind of boring while there's only one more episode left.

Season 4, episode 13: The Great Leap Forward
This was an amazing episode, and also an amazing ending for the TV show. Giving Danny this ability provided an excellent ending for everything, even though that was not even know at that time yet. Danny takes Promicin and becomes some sort of Promicin source, everyone around him gets Promicin in their body, without even taking the shot. This of course results in a lot of deaths, since not everyone can take Promicin. Shawn eventually needs to kill Danny because he's has many pain because of this ability. This was a very touching moment. What I really liked about this episode was the ending were everyone received their abilities. There were many people that died of NTAC, but luckily many of the main characters stayed alive. I loved seeing all these different abilities of these amazing people. Just a brilliant episode, and with that, a brilliant ending for The 4400.

And again there came an ending to some very joyful moments. I always feel sad when a show I liked ends. The 4400 was an amazing TV show that I can recommend to everyone. It has a bit of supernatural in it, science-fiction but also lots of drama and comedy. I really enjoyed watching it.
Season 4 was a brilliant season, and almost just as good as season 1. It had plenty of good episodes. My favorite episode was the last one, and especially the last scene. The 4400 is a truly good TV show. 

My personal rate: 8/10

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