Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: The Descent 2 (2009)

The Descent 2
IMDB rate: 5,8
Genre: Monster, Survival

Finally a new review again! I say this like it's ages ago since I wrote my last one but to be honest it's not even less than a week ago. For me it feels like a long time ago, and well, I did not watched any horror movies for the last two weeks I guess? I always have a few reviews spare so I can post things when I can't watch a movie. Anyway, I'm glad that I can continue watching movies again this week, I really missed it. Today I watched The Descent 2. I don't really liked the first part but it was definitely not a bad movie. The sequel is a lot less good, it's quite unbelievable and does not really contain an interesting story.

Distraught, confused, and half-wild with fear, Sarah Carter emerges alone from the Appalachian cave system where she encountered unspeakable terrors. Unable to plausibly explain to the authorities what happened - or why she's covered in her friends' blood - Sarah is forced back to the subterranean depths to help locate her five missing companions. As the rescue party drive deeper into uncharted caverns, nightmarish visions of the recent past begin to haunt Sarah and she starts to realize the full horror and futility of the mission. Subjected to the suspicion and mistrusts of the group and confronted once more by the inbred, feral and savagely ruthless Crawlers, Sarah must draw on all her inner reserves of strength and courage in a desperate final struggle for deliverance and redemption.

The movie is very unbelievable. It's plays two days after the previous movie and Sarah is found. They bring her to the hospital where she is in a huge shock and remembers nothing. Because the rest is trying to save the other girls Sarah is forced to go into the cave again with the rescuers. Here is where the unbelievable part starts, because a woman that's in shock because of a huge climbing accident is not able to go hiking once again, after two days. Not only is it unreal to take her back to the place of the accident that fast, it's also unreal because she's in a huge shock. Also, there are only 3 real hikers and two cops with her. No medical assistants for the case if they find someone alive, no weapons for defense (besides a gun, very smart in a cave). Also, they did not even interrogate Sarah, they immediately took her to the cave, while they did not know what happened in the cave. The girl could have killed everyone, and it might even be the case that they took a psychopath with them. 

A scene that I liked was when the mouse crawled out of Rebecca's mouth, it made her look alive. It's also cool that they used the same actress again. The special effects don't look as good as in the first movie, the creatures looked a bit different but that might be because of the lightning. But the creatures are still scary as fuck! There are definitely a lot more jump scares.

The plot is a bit useless, only a rescue action that goes wrong. You know exactly what will happen so it's very predictable. The sheriff is a very annoying character, who will handcuff someone in a cave? It's so unrealistic. Also a very light woman makes the rocks creak, who will ever come to the idea to walk over the rock with two people at the same time? The handcuffs are so useless and makes the movie very annoying.

The ending is a bit weak, it gives the option for another sequel which is definitely not necessary. 

Not an excellent movie. The first part is a lot better and this movie is very useless. The acting is not very special and there are some annoying characters in it. I don't recommend watching this movie, the first one is a lot better.

My personal rate: 4,5/10

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