Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review: Saw V (2008)

Saw V
IMDB rate: 5,6
Genre: Torture, Serial Killer, Survival

I finally got around watching Saw V, and I start wondering more and more why I am still watching this. The movies are only getting worse and even more confusing. I saw this movie before and I just couldn't remember anything of it anymore, and well, now I see it again I totally understand why because it's just too terrible to watch.

I really don't see the use of this movie. It's really going to far and nothing fits anymore. Every time a new movie comes out the previous one becomes only more and more confusing because it seems like they keep adding and changing stuff. It's very obvious that the writers just did not know anymore what to do with the story. It was a boring movie, an useless movie and especially a confusing movie. I seriously don't understand why they even bothered to continue these movies.

Jigsaw and his young apprentice, Amanda, are dead. But the grisly games continue. 5 supposed strangers find themselves in the midst of the big game, and believe they are in a survival of the fittest competition. Via his now infamous video linked doll, Jigsaw conveys the message that they should ignore their instincts, and ignore his advice at their peril. Meanwhile, agent Strahm wants to prove that Hoffman is an apprentice to Jigsaw, and pursues him as he continues his twisted games. What Strahm does not realize is that Hoffman is testing him all along, and must pass his test in order to stay alive.

This is all getting so predictable, every time a new character is introduced in the previous movie it's certain that he will die in the sequel. It in every Saw movie and I'm just getting tired of it, they really need to come up with something new. An officer that does stay alive through all the Saw movies. This movie is Erickson introduced and I can almost say for sure that he will die in the next movie.

This was one of the most boring Saw movies that I've seen. The storyline sucked, it seemed like they just made something up. The people that are in the game this time are logical because they actual did something wrong but why test Strahm? Or in the previous movies, Rigg or Kerry? It's all nonsense. Watching this movie was an extreme drag because it lead to nothing eventually. After the movie had ended I could only think 'What was the use of this?'. It's just terrible.

Jigsaw's philosophy is that people need to have their second chance but none of his apprentices are actually following up that philosophy. Like when Amanda shot Lynn, who did finish the game and got killed afterwards, it's the same story in this movie, they almost don't have a chance to escape.

The movies are build up very confusing, first you see a scene where somebody is in a 'Jigsaw' trap which later appears to be set up by Hoffman instead of Jigsaw. This appeared to be way before the first movie. Also, Hoffman appeared to have helped Jigsaw by kidnapping the fat man in the first movie, in the razor blade trap. With all these flashbacks this movie is getting so confusing, because you don't know when something found place, and even when you think you finally have figured out they will change it in the next movie. Also, in every sequel there appear to be more and more flashbacks, so in fact, 1/2 of the movie is a part of the previous movie, so parts that you've already seen. This is to make it so called more logical but in fact it's only more and more confusing.

Also, how can Jigsaw predict every step they make. Human's nature is unpredictable but somehow Jigsaw knows exactly what they will do. This is in fact playing after he already died so you can imagine how much further he had to predict.

The traps in this movie were kinda lame, and they make those people look very dumb. First trap was actual not that strange that they thought they all needed their key, they could have tried but knowing Jigsaw it was not likely that one key fitted to all the locks. The second trap however was so incredibly stupid, it was so obvious that more people fitted in to the safe places. There could have easily fitted in two people in each hole. The third trap was also not that strange, it did look like they needed to kill someone so I'm agreeing with that. But then, the last one.... Oh this was so retarded. They should have taken the body from the previous room (the door was still open for a few minutes) and put her hand or something into the machine instead of their own. That way they would not have been hurt and the one that was already dead wouldn't mind I guess. It was just plain stupid. They could have at least tried to put a shoe in it or something, it's about weight I think, such a device can not feel if it's blood or not. Terrible.

I absolutely do not recommend watching this. It was a dumb movie. Terrible storyline, awkward acting and not even filled with blood. It's was quite tame for a Saw movie. Since the storyline was already terrible at least some gore could have make up for it, but even that was missing from this movie. All together, terrible movie, do not watch it.

My personal rate: 3

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