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Review: The Walking Dead [Season 2]

The Walking Dead
Season 2
IMDB rate: 8,7
Genre: Tv Show, Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic 

So my last review was about season 1 of The Walking Dead, I already mentioned that I was dying to watch season 2 and well, I finally finished watching it! This will be a much shorter review since I already mentioned a lot in my previous review. 

Season 2 is a lot different from season 1, not only has in much more episodes (13, while season 1 only had 6 episodes), it also approaches everything from a different view. I see season 1 as a sort of introduction to the cast and this 'zombie' world. In season 1 many people died in the big group, and the people that stayed alive, also stayed alive during most of season 2. In season 1 you learn a bit about everything and everyone, but in season 2 it all goes a lot deeper. You really get to know everyone. The badass seems to have a sweet side, while the good guy becomes a self-centered asshole. You already made up your mind about everyone in season 1, but while watching season 2 you'll see that not everybody was who he or she looked like. 
Season 2 is really about the story and how everybody goes on. I must admit, some episodes were a teeny tiny bit boring, but it's still a really good show. Not the entire episode was boring, but just small parts where there was a lot of random nonsense talking going on.

In season 2 a lot goes wrong, and a lot will change. Don't expect anything like what you saw in season 1, because season 2 is really different. Carl gets hurt and they will have to move to a farm where a family takes care of Carl. Also, Sophia is missing and they have to search everyday in the forest to find her. Some people will not survive but there will also be a lot of new people introduced that will stay for a while. 

There were 13 episodes in this season, that's still not a lot so I think it's fun to go through them all. I'm sorry but this review will contain a few spoilers, since a lot happened, and I just have to discuss them ;).


Season 2, episode 1: What Lies Ahead
The story starts where the last episode of season 1 left off. They're at the highway and while they're searching for stuff they can use, an enormous group of zombies suddenly shows up. They hide but Sophia got scared and runs off. You see, this was a really nice episode. But if such a huge group of zombies passes by, will you really show up immediately after the last zombie has passed? I think it would be a lot smarter to wait a few minutes, there are always zombies that were lazy in their previous life, and don't expect them to be as fast as the rest, right? Well, they didn't think that way unfortunately, and so she has to run off. Nothing was wrong, because Rick found her and told her to hide while he would kill them. But that stupid little girl is too inpatient to wait for maybe 5-10 minutes and runs off immediately again (while no zombies where around). Well, from that moments, Sophia was lost. It's fair to say that she's the biggest cause for everything that happened after that. Rick, Shane and Carl searched for Sophia, but then Carl got hurt. 

Season 2, episode 2: Bloodletting
It was very sad how Carl got hurt, the world is full with brain eating zombies, and you get shot by a hunter.. a bit ironic in my opinion. Luckily, the people they ended up to be with, has a doctor in house so after everything, Carl will be better again. It would be kinda sad for Rick if his son would have died, since he already has a bitch wife and he's also a bit the leader of the group, which means that he has a lot of responsibility. 

Season 2, episode 3: Save the Last One
In this episode you get to know Shane a bit better. And with a bit better, I mean that you'll mainly learn what a bastard he is. I think at this point it all goes wrong with Shane, because of what happened. He always was a bit of a bastard, but from this episode you can almost see him grow insane. It's an interesting twist in the story, but sometimes you get really annoyed because of it.

Season 2, episode 4: Cherokee Rose
In this episode almost nothing interesting happens. The group still searches for Sophia, and Carl is healing from his wound. The only thing that happens is that you see Daryl and Carol growing a bit closer. Personally, I think this was the least interesting episode. It's a bit an episode for filling some of the gaps in the story.

Season 2, episode 5: Chupacabra
This episode is kinda sad, it's mainly about Daryl and while he is out in the woods alone to search for Sophia, he falls from a cliff and gets injured. He started to see Merle everywhere, which still hasn't been found yet. Merle says that he is weak and that he is the misfit of the group. Daryl starts believing this and from this point he will be even more a loner than he already was. When Daryl finally arrives back at the farm, Andrea thinks he's a zombie and shoots him. Luckily, she did not really hurt him. What I disliked about this episode was Andrea, not only was she annoying, she also started to be a bigger part in the group. It was not even that bad, but when she learned to shoot, she suddenly thinks she's everything. And, because she didn't listen to anyone who told her not to shoot, she hit Daryl. I found it also a bit sad that Daryl separated a bit from the group, because this mainly means that he gets less screen time. 

Season 2, episode 6: Secrets
Glenn finds out that there are walkers hidden in the barn by the family they stay with. These walkers are all family members that got bitten, and because Herschel thinks they will be cured, he keeps and feeds them. I already figured something like this will happen eventually, and while it's not even that strange that he thinks that way, it is dangerous for everybody. Another thing that happens in this episode is that Lori finds out she's pregnant. And, of course, she does not know if the father is Shane or Rick. Really, somebody must shoot that stupid woman. She messes up the whole show, and is the main cause that Rick and Shane aren't really friends anymore. Who would want to keep a baby in a world like that anyway? 

Season 2, episode 7: Pretty Much Dead Already
I think this episode is my favorite one of this season. Glenn finally tells that the family keeps zombies in their barn and a few days later Shane loses his patient and opens the barn to shoot off all the zombies in there. Herschel and his family are broken because of this, but do very little to stop it. Herschel finally realizes that they are not human anymore when Shane shoots a zombie three times in the stomach, heart and throat. Because the zombie doesn't die Herschel sees that he was foolish to believe that they were still human somewhere inside them. The group starts shooting all these zombies one by one and they think they're finished. But after a few minutes, a little zombie girl came out of the barn: Sophia. Nobody was man enough to shoot her at first, which is kinda logical. Eventually Rick steps towards her and shoots her in the head. The reason why I liked this episode is because there are so many emotions in it. The moment that Herschel and his family breaks down because their family (who were already dead in some way) was being killed was really nice. Not because they were sad but it was because of everything, the music, the acting, the camera work, everything. This moments gets even better when the little girl Sophia shows up as a zombie. You see everybody stand still for a few seconds, and you see them think: She was here all the time? But then somebody has to man up and shoot her, just like they did with the rest, and well, it was amazing. Every single shot. Also, zombie Sophia was really sad to see. You never really get to know her through the show, but a kid as a zombie is even worse than a adult I guess, especially when you knew her. Another small but good thing was that Carol did not break down, of course she broke down a bit, but it was not that she was sad for a few episodes like I expected. Again, The Walking Dead does something that we did not expect, which is a real good thing!

Season 2, episode 8 and 9: Nebraska & Triggerfinger
Herschel disappears and Rick and Glenn need to find him. They eventually find him in a bar, drinking alcohol (what he never does). Suddenly two strangers show up and start talking to Rick, Glenn and Herschel. Suddenly it's getting a bit tensed because the strangers want to go with them, something the group doesn't want. They pull out their gun but Rick was first and shoot them both. Eventually a few other men show up, you never get to see them, but you kinda hear that they do not have good intentions. They start shooting at each other, but eventually Rick, Glenn and Herschel scared them away. The 'gang' left behind an injured young boy, who fell with his leg on a pointy fence. The group decides to take him with them and interrogate about the 'gang'. The boy said that they were strong and had a lot of guns and raped some woman, at this point they realize they shouldn't get the boy back. This goes on for a few episodes, they want to shoot the boy, then they want to take him away, it got a bit boring after a while. 

Season 2, episode 10: 18 Miles Out
Rick and Shane bring the boy away from the camp, and decide to drop him there. At this point Shane and Rick start to fight and well, everything goes wrong. I never really understood what the whole purpose of the boy was. He was of an 'enemy' camp, but they never really got threatened by them. Also, they all think the boy is dead, so why not kill him yourself? Even if you bring him very far away, he can still find his way back. Or, when he is all alone, searching for something, without weapons, he can't defend himself against zombies, so he's dead already. My main point is, he never really had any purpose, because the enemy camp that they were talking about is never shown in this season, so it's kinda pointless in my opinion. Eventually, Rick, Shane and the boy survived the zombie wave, and take the boy back to their camp, again.

Season 2, episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner 
Another episode about the boy... we get it, just kill him already. Well, that was the plan for this episode, but suddenly Carl shows up and Rick doesn't want to kill him anymore. Why? No idea. Carl suddenly changed a lot the last few episodes, he really became an annoying adolescent. In the coming few episodes he will almost never listen, shoot people and offense other people. Of course he's growing up, but he really messes some stuff up. Such a shame.

Season 2, episode 12: Better Angels
This episode is the proof that Shane is an asshole. He released the boy Randall, and comes back with some bullshit story. Luckily, our hero Daryl immediately figures it out. This episode was actually kinda good, because of many reasons that I can't tell, because I will spoil everything ;).

Season 2, episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire
It was nice that the group could stay at a farm but I'm also glad that they finally changed to another location. At some point it got a bit standard because there were hardly walkers around the farm. Also, there is a really cool shot at the end of the show, which makes you dying to see season 3! It was an excellent ending for the show.

I don't think I will talk about each episode in season 3, because there are 16 episodes. A bit too much. I immediately started watching season 3 after finishing season 2, and it's so addictive. I've seen 8 episodes now and I can't wait till I see the rest. 

My favorite character is absolutely Daryl Dixon, which isn't such a surprise. He always seemed like a badass in season 1, and he is, but in season 2 you learn that he also haves a soft side. This side will be even more shown in season 3. I love that his part is getting a bit bigger, because the more Daryl, the better. 

I think a review of season 3 will be up this weekend. At least, I hope I saw all episodes by then ;). 

My personal rate: 9,5

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