Monday, 31 December 2012

Review: The Village (2004)

The Village 
Imdb rate: 6,5
Genre: Monster

So, last week I finally watched the Village again. I bought it a long time ago and needed to find someone that wanted to watch it with me haha. 
Since it was quite some time ago, since I last saw it, I couldn't remember much of it. 

I have to start with saying that I think this movie is a bit underrated, there are many negative reviews about this movie, but I think it should have at least one good review: mine ;).

The Village is a horror/thriller about a amish town. They have a pact with the creatures from the forest not to bother each other. When a boy, Noah, gets in the forest without anybody knowing, there are starting to happen things. The creatures are coming to the town and leave warning for the people living there, not to come again. When something bad happens, Ivy, a blind girl, is forced to go in the forest, to reach the city and get some medicine. 

What I really liked about this movie is the actors that played in it. When the movie came out in 2004, not many of the actors where really familiar. (Of course, with some exceptions) And since I was a bit younger back then, I also didn't know many actor names, but there are many actors in it, that are especially known for their acting performances in the last few years. To name a few: Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Pitt and Fran Kranz. And that's not even including the top cast that where already known/familiar back then: Bryce Dallas Howard, Sigourney Weaver, Adrien Brody, Joaquin Phoenix, Judy Greer and William Hurt.

I think Bryce Dallas Howard did a good job with playing a blind girl, not one moment seemed fake or acted. You might start thinking she is really blind. I must admit that I'm not really familiar with Adrien Brody's acting, so I can't really compare, but I liked him playing 'Noah'. 

 I liked this movie so much because it stands out from other horror movies that where made the last couple of years. M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Signs) never fails to amaze me with his plot twists, and this movie was just as suprising as the others. 

I think there are many negative reviews because many people might think that the story will be as brilliant as in the Sixth Sense, it isn't. But, nevertheless it is surprising and original in my opinion. 

If you like puzzle horrors or thrillers, this movie is excellent for you. Because you keep curious about what will happen next. I'm dying to tell the plot but I've promised not to give any spoilers so, please go watch it yourself ;D. 

Maybe the slightest bad thing I have to say about this movie is that the story goes a bit too slow. Maybe there might have been a bit more action with the creatures, but that's just my opinion. 

The first time I saw it I thought the movie wasn't that good, but now a few years later I'm really impressed with all the details you'll notice when you eventually know the plot. 

My personal rate: 7/10

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